Nordic Furn's story

NORDIC FURN AS A MARKET PLACE is a Finnish online store owned by two families. We are an innovative marketplace investing in our own product range of wood products and their strong demand.

As an independent family business, we are followed by the freedom of choice which enables individual customer service, and we have received our ideas with listening ears, by hearing out our customers. The available resources have been used as a focus on leisure and related furniture solutions. 

 From the very beginning, Nordic Furn's customers also have a strong presence in Germany, where we are also looking for furniture solutions that unite Central Europe and the Nordic countries. 

 The tree itself is beautiful. We bring it to the fore in our selections with finishes with our high-quality products, which is reflected in the durability, finished details and surfaces of the product. The product should be a pleasure to the eye.

 The finished product is usually solid wood furniture delivered as parts, as well as a custom-made, solid wood product or furniture set that operates outside the online store. A sustainable wood product made from familiar wood species is always a sensible purchase, as we take current environmental values ​​into account. The high-quality solid wood product is designed to last and will be a joy for the next generation as well. 

 We immediately publish our store in three languages, Finnish, German and English. Our store sells furniture and solutions suitable for year-round use, but we are not and will continue to not be a traditional furniture store. 

 We sell furniture and furniture solutions that are suitable and functional for Scandinavian tastes. The growing selection represents the design language and style that is best suited for outdoor furniture and villa and leisure living. 

 The independent trader of Indoor and Outdoor furniture solutions manufactured and conceived in Finland and the Nordic countries was created and created on the basis that we can at the same time build a Finnish image in Europe and present Finnish everyday life and its functionality. 

 For us, the beauty of Finnish nature can and should be boldly reflected in the furniture we sell or in the product of our store. Representing Finland and Finland, we are sure to sell some of our beautiful Nordic Furn furniture from our rapidly expanding range. 

 Where nature is close to the everyday life of the average person, we hope to be an online store for happy and comfortable people. Welcome to our new store with a happy feeling and a nice feeling. 

 Best wishes, Happy merchants Jerry and Raimo