Maintenance instructions

Maintenance of outdoor furniture

In the Finnish summer, garden furniture is often exposed to many kinds of weather. The years are not alike and the climate is also changing, so it is worth taking into account the visual observations you made in the furniture in the middle of the season and the exceptionally long-lasting weather conditions.

As a general rule, furniture should be cleaned, oiled, repaired and inspected during the season as needed, and disabled individuals should be removed from instruction.

The annual routine includes garden furniture for the beginning of the summer season and before winter and furniture storage. Regular care guarantees a long life for the furniture.

Here we focus on the guidelines related to wooden outdoor furniture. Treated, pressure impregnated or painted wood does not require any new treatment. Outdoor furniture is usually treated, oiled, varnished or tinted and oiled so that the location of the furniture in the future affects how regularly the furniture is oiled and cleaned. 

It is a daily routine that the debris is brushed off and the soiled furniture is wiped with a damp cloth. Dried furniture can easily get pollen and flora dripping from trees with a brush or similar, and more stubborn furniture already requires wiping with a damp cloth and sometimes washing. However, avoid abrasive cleaners, abrasives, strong alkaline and acidic cleaners, dyes, copious use of water. 

The sun and direct sunlight for a long time are sure to always make changes to the surface of the wood furniture, and for this purpose, tinted, oiled and stained surfaces are available with colorless wood oils available with UV protection. They are generally inexpensive, ample, and easy to apply with a sponge or lint-free cloth. This is always done on well-cleaned furniture that is completely dry.

In some cases, thorough cleaning can only be done by disassembling the furniture if it is reasonably possible.

Any metal iron and steel parts in the furniture can be wiped with a damp cloth. if necessary, a mild detergent can be used. Stainless steel and aluminum also have their own cleaning agents.

 Consumer products and furniture usually have their own care instructions and should be followed, so always keep the instructions that come with new furniture. The manufacturer's and importer's website today has pretty well instructions for service and maintenance.

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We wish you happy moments with wooden furniture. 


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