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    By ordering furniture made by our carpenter, you will get a long-lasting and individual solution for your home. The right wooden furniture solution uses and shares space efficiently, which is why you can make your dreams come true even when decorating.

    The goal of the BEN DOVER product is to be high quality and durable. You will also receive professional design assistance to implement your idea.


    You can actually fulfill your wishes in terms of what kind of furniture you want. Have you ever seen a piece of furniture somewhere you’re in love with, but that’s exactly what you don’t find in the selection of furniture stores?

    Do you have your own vision in mind, but there is no factor to make it happen? Would you like to make better use of the available space? In this case, the furniture made by a carpenter just for you is possibly the best solution.

    Another important thing is the materials used in the products. We make furniture only from durable materials according to the application and purpose. The surface treatment is also planned according to the daily use of the product.

    The most common types of wood used in furniture are: oak, ash and birch, and in outdoor furniture pine.


    The furniture made by the carpenter is made responsibly and close by. As a customer, you support small business. Preserving craftsmanship and traditional manufacturing methods is also important to us.

    The carpenter makes choices according to the wishes of the customers, and in this case it is always possible to use high-quality materials in the products. Endangered wood species are out of the question and in the surface treatment of furniture we guide our customers so that we can use the most environmentally friendly options possible in the final treatment of the surface.

    Wood itself is an ecological material and always retains its place as a warm, cozy interior material.


    In connection with the delivery of furniture or a larger unit, the price is always affected by the material, its quality classification, surface treatment and the time used to finish the work.

    Ask for a quote and get in touch freely so we make your dreams come true.

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    0 products

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    Lotte dining tables
    The beautiful Lotte table is made of durable and ecological pine.
    Lotte product family
    unique furniture for your home
    The beautiful surface of the table is made using a special brushing process designed to enhance the natural characteristics of the wood. Each table is unique in terms of the knots, wood grain, colour tone, colour uniformity and depth of the brushed grooves.
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